Sunday, 28 October 2012

Reformation Sunday Worship

Galatians 5:6
The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

The Lutheran Churches of the Durban area held a combined worship service on Sunday, October 28th in Umlazi.

Unfortunately,  we were 35 minutes late... blame it on the taxi driver and the sheer amount of people we had to pick up.

Lord         Nkosi 
Have Mercy!      sihawukele!
Christ,       Kristu,
Have Mercy !    sihawukele!
Lord,        Nkosi,
Have Mercy!    sihawukele!
                                 Glory be to God on high   Udomo malube kuNkulukulu kweliphezulu
And on earth peace, good will toward men       nokuthula emhlabeni nentokozo kubantu

Rev. Christoph Weber, pastor at Umlazi

An African worship service isn't over until the last choir has sung.

Then the children sang two lovely songs.

Pastor Lubede, 82 years old, who was telling the 100+ in attendance about the founding of this church 40 years ago.

The absolute greatest blessing of being a missionary is the relationships.  How fun it was this morning to know so many from other churches.  Here is my friend from the Westville church, Mareike Staeuli holding the youngest daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Weber.

Food, food, food. There is always wonderful food at Lutheran fellowships.  Two tables worth!

How did Pastor Thwala get his plate filled so quickly?

What I love most about being a missionary is that it has opened my eyes to what heaven will be like.

Growing up in white, middle class Anaheim, California and living in a bubble of people just like me (okay, not just like me... we all know that I'm one-of-a-kind) but you know - there has not been much diversity in my world.  

But here in South Africa where they have nine official languages.  Here I live in the Rainbow Nation.  Here where I can see the beauty of many cultures and languages.  Today, I worshiped with Indians, Zulus, Germans and Americans.  Red and yellow, black and white; they are precious in His sight.  Jesus loves all the people of this world. 

Looks are deceiving.  Few cars but standing room only in the sanctuary.

A beautiful day to rejoice in the Reformation of God's Holy church.

My ministry partner, Ginger Taff with Pastor Straeuli.  He shepherds the church in Westville, where we occasionally worship.  
7:45am service is in English.  9:00am service is in German.

Ginger with Pastor Weber.

Me with Pastor Lubede.  Sadly, his beloved wife went to be with the Lord last February and I attended her memorial service.

Being at the mercy of a taxi driver and being with the group of 18 from our Lutheran church in Ntshongweni, I just never know how long on outing like this will be.  I always come stocked with provisions (food) and my IPad.  Friends enjoyed playing games on the 45 minute ride to my flat.

Praise to be Jesus for faithful Martin Luther listening and acting on the will of God.


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